Pietro Lombardi Cello Model 502–Eastman Strings


Product Description

Pietro Lombardi Cello Model 502

Pietro Lombardi Cello Model 502 is an Eastman Strings instrument, made in 2015. It is crafted with a beautifully flamed maple back, matched by a highly select spruce top. The wood is finished with a sophisticated amber colored spirit varnish. This varnish on the Lombardi is reminiscent of Italian makers. The Lombardi is set up with a Superieur Despiau France bridge. It is strung with Larsens for the C and G strings, and Spirocores for the D and A strings. These strings can be tuned with its beautiful boxwood heart model pegs, with black pins and collars. Ebony fittings, which include the fingerboard, saddle, and end button. It has a carbon fiber end pin, and Wittner tailpiece.

Product Features:

  • Made by Eastman Strings,
  • Beautifully flamed maple back
  • Highly select spruce top
  • Sophisticated amber colored spirit varnish
  • Superieur Despiau France bridge
  • Larsen C & G strings, Spirocore D & A strings
  • Boxwood heart model pegs
    • Black pins and collars
  • Ebony fittings
    • Fingerboard
    • End button
  • Carbon fiber end pin
  • Wittner tailpiece

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