Leatherwood Bespoke Violin – Viola Rosin

$90.00 $67.00

Leatherwood Bespoke Viola Rosin comes in two set, Crisp and Supple recipes and offer very distinct sound and response characteristics.

The Leatherwood Bespoke Viola Rosin Crisp Recipe has a decisive attack, firm traction and crisp sautille; this recipe creates an undeniably forthright sound through a glassier texture. The crisp blend often works well with an instrument with lots of resonance but is a little ‘woolly’ in sound, offering it greater clarity and articulation.

Crisp also assists bows or techniques that struggle to achieve a clear and articulate spiccato or sautille. Crisp can also assist small student or cheap instruments, by enhancing their sound to be brighter and sometimes louder; and beginning students find it easier to articulate with crisp

Produces a very nice rich warm tone Great rosin on a Coda Bow GX Violin