Gewa Pure 1.8 Polycarbonate Shaped Violin Case Grey

$220.00 $199.00


Gewa Pure 1.8 Polycarbonate Shaped Violin Case Grey


Beautifully Textured and Unique Violin Case

The Gewa Pure violin case is a game changer in the world of instrument protection! It’s difficult to find a case that is protective, durable, light, stylish, and temperature-resistant. And on top of all that – affordable!

What makes this possible are the polycarbonate shells. Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastics you’ll find. It’s used to make shatterproof glass. And because it is a type of plastic, it doesn’t heat up under the sun like many metallic cases do. Plastic is also a more affordable material compared to metallic cases like carbon fiber.

The case features an adjustable neck support to fit 3/4 and 4/4 violins. It’s hard to find a protective and durable 3/4 violin case, because the cost of the case is often more than the 3/4 violin. But with the Gewa Pure cases, you can use the same protective case even as you transition into a full size violin.

Plus the case only weighs 4 lb. With all these features at an affordable price, it’s no surprise that these cases are quickly becoming popular among student and professional violinists.

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